Music Mentors

The Music Mentor program in its second year of existence with the A2SO, strives to deepen the relationship between the orchestra and our Link Up schools. Through this component of our Link Up program, A2SO musicians will be employed as “Music Mentors” who make school visits to work with students and teachers that are participating in the Link Up program.

Music mentors will work with students one classroom at a time. They introduce themselves and their instruments to students, perform in classrooms, work with students on the Link Up curriculum, and offer performance tips as students demonstrate the recorder/singing parts they’ve been learning.

Music mentors make two visits to each Link Up school that chooses to participate: once when the students are first being introduced to the curriculum (January), and again just a few weeks before the concert (February/early March). Students will be well-acquainted with their Music Mentor by the time of the concert and will be able to identify and connect with them onstage when the Music Mentors are featured performers.

Music Mentors will:

  • teach lessons that help prepare students for the Link Up concerts;
  • offer performance tips as students demonstrate their recorder/singing parts;
  • answer questions and share ideas with school music teachers;
  • make a personal connection with students in advance of the Link Up.

Teachers who are interested in participating in the Music Mentor program should:

  • Complete this short form and email it to Yi-Ching Chen by November 1.
  • Teachers will be notified by November 15 if we are able to match their school’s schedule with a Music Mentor’s schedule.
  • Schools will pay a $60 participation fee, added to their Link Up ticket order.


“It was wonderful to see that even after many years of playing in an orchestra, somebody can still be excited about music and about sharing their love for music with the audience. I also think that they learned, that orchestra musicians are regular people who happen to have picked an instrument and pracitced a lot to get to where they are.”

2017-2018 Music Mentors

Jenny Berg
Becky Bloomer
Jim Lancioni
Barbara Sturgis-Everett


Contact Kira Woodfield Leeper for more information at 734-994-4801.