Concert Series

90th Anniversary Season

Your Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 90th birthday this season. Since 1928, we have consistently presented exceptional music, exciting performances, and extraordinary musicianship.

We celebrate with a dazzling Rhapsody in Blue. We blow out the candles with Mozart’s cherished Requiem. We play and pipe in the Orkney Wedding. We affirm our best selves with an Ode to Joy in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Come to the party which we are throwing all-year long. Bring your birthday-best smile. Pamper yourself in the newly refurbished Michigan Theater seats. Bask in the classical music swirling around you at Hill Auditorium. Dance with us at your area library at a KinderConcert. Laugh with us at a Petting Zoo. Enjoy a close-up concert experience at our mid-afternoon Chamber Concerts.

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